The addition of licensing fees, increased property taxes, utility taxes, wastewater taxes, and many other taxes and fees have our residents feeling taxed out of their homes.  I will work to prevent new taxes from being implemented on our citizens.  

I will use my vote on the council to ensure that we are fiscally responsible and work within our means.  


Battle Ground has seen exponential growth over the past several years.  With the introduction of new businesses coming into the area, it has taken away the small-town feel that many of us are accustomed to.  I support cautious growth with infrastructure to support it in place before the new business breaks ground.  

While big box stores may be convenient, they take away the ambiance that we enjoy living away from Vancouver and Portland.  I believe we should keep our city small and favor small, local business over big box retailers.

Constitutional values

I am a strong supporter of our constitutional rights.  Any laws created that infringe on our constitutional rights should not be enforced.  I have worked hard over the last several months to get a I-1639 sanctuary resolution passed in our town.  I will do my best to find creative solutions within our legal rights to protect our residents from this unconstitutional law. 

I believe in small government and responsible spending.  I believe this is what the founding fathers of our nation prescribed for our country.